1998: Institute of Parasitology, Animal Hospital Bern (Switzerland)

Master Thesis:

Molecular investigation of variant surface proteins (VSPs) from Giardia lamblia


vsp gene expression by Giardia lamblia clone GS/M-83-H7 during antigenic variation in vivo and in vitro.

Authors: M Bienz, M Siles-Lucas, P Wittwer, N Müller

Infection and immunity. 2001 Sep

Molecular characterisation of a predominant antigenic region of Giardia lamblia variant surface protein H7.

Authors: M Bienz, P Wittwer, V Zimmermann, N Müller

International journal for parasitology. 2001 Jun

2003-2008: School of Osteopathy, Unitec New Zealand

Master Thesis:

New Zealand osteopaths’ attitudes to ‘Evidence-based practice’ – development of a questionnaire and preliminary results

The final Thesis can be downloaded from here MasterFinal. The full questionnaire is available on request. Please contact attuned via email.