Attuned Osteopathy is open again and I am now offering pelvic health consults! Please note that I am newly located in rural Warkworth in the Ahuroa/Makarau region. See the locations page for further details.


Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing my clients realising they have the power to be well.

  • Yes, you can be well and feel great.
  • Yes, you can reduce pain and feel less stressed.
  • Yes, you can recover from life changes like pregnancy and childbirth

Here’s how.

“Your body tells a story”

When you choose to work with me, it’s not just about what hurts and improving that. It’s also about listening to what your body is saying to you!

“Let’s translate that story together”

Of course, I do look at your symptoms, and through hands-on-treatment I improve how you function and move, but together we also look deeper. Your body knows, and once you understand what really is going on, you will be able to hear feedback from your body, not just now and then, but much more consistently.

“Start evolving a conversation with your body for everyday wellness today – book a session to start the journey!