It might come as a surprise to you that osteopathy does treat the organs as well as the muscles and the joints. But in our view all the tissues of the body are connected and can cause problems if they don’t move properly – and that includes the organs!

Your diaphragm (the breathing muscle between the chest and the abdomen) completes approximately 22 000 (!) movements every day. It pulls and pushes the lungs and the organs in your abdomen along with it each time. This continual deformation of the abdomen fluctuating between breathing in and out will cause the viscera to slide and rub against one another. The cumulative effect of the thousands of cycles each day can cause even the slightest restriction or adhesion to take on a considerable importance.

Osteopathic treatment can help to restore proper movement and ease restrictions which in turn helps the blood to flow unobstructed and can support nerve function to the organs.

Please do not hesitate to contact attuned if you would like to know more about visceral osteopathy or if you have a specific complaint you would like to discuss.