“No sports” is the often quoted answer of Winston Churchill to the question of how he reached old age (he smoked and liked whiskey and champagne). To this day no proof exists that the quote is from Churchill but whether or not he is responsible for the “no sports” doesn’t really matter. We all know that “no sports” is not a desirable way of living either from a fun perspective or from a health point of view.

Osteopathy is based on the idea that “nature abhors a vacuum, but fears immobility even more” (Jean Pierre Barrall).

Being active brings with it the possibility of injury. Those injuries left untreated can become a problem that prevents you from enjoying your sport. Hence it is a good idea to get sports injuries treated as soon as possible so you can move without pain.

A few tips if you do sustain an injury:

Within the first 24-48 hours after the injury

  • Ice (very important!!!) à about 10 minutes on and then off for about 30 minutes, repeat often. This reduces swelling which can cause more pain by stretching tissue, pressing on nerve endings and releasing pain chemicals in the area of injury.
  • If the pain is not too bad, gentle movement of the injured part possibly without gravity or weight (in the bath tub). This helps to restore normal circulation and increases drainage.
  • Gradual return to weight-bearing and more vigorous movement. You might need to ice before or after movement again.

Go and see a doctor if you have:

  • Any sudden sharp pain that does not go away
  • Can not put any weight on a leg or foot
  • Can not move a joint at all (even through the pain)
  • Have numbness in an extremity
  • Have hit your head and blacked out or developed severe headache or trouble with your eyes or ears