Pregnancy & Babies

Growing a new life is an incredibly wonderful but also a very demanding task. As the body adapts to the changes during pregnancy aches and pains can develop or become exacerbated. The growing baby pushes mum’s organs out of the way to make space for herself.

Osteopathy can help alleviate the stresses put on the mother during this time. If the mum is well that also means the baby has the best environment to grow and develop.

Keeping the body mobile and balanced can also help with the birthing process itself.

Settling into life outside the womb can be difficult for some babies. The birthing process compresses the soft bones of a babies head and sometimes this needs a bit of assistance to resolve.

The gentle techniques of Osteopathy have proven very successful with unsettled babies as well as with sleeping or feeding difficulties. Often 2-3 treatments are all that is needed.

And a happy baby makes for a happy family (even more true if the baby is number 2,3,…).


As a mum of three I have firsthand experience with the ups and downs around pregnancy and birth but also with the frustrations of having a newborn with reflux and colic (I’ve had two of them). I know how important it is to be taken seriously by your health practitioner particularly during these important stages in life. I feel privileged to be part of these life stages and I very much enjoy working with babies and pregnant mums to ensure the best possible environment for both, before, during and after pregnancy.